Gorilla Trekking In Uganda Rwanda And Book Gorilla Tracking Permits

Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda is the top African tour to book for your Vacation whether alone or with family, you definitely enjoy it. We offer affordable gorilla tracking safari costs, book gorilla trekking permits, fly-in gorilla tracking safaris, do car hire for our incredible clients. We offer free advice on what to carry on your gorilla tracking tour, what is the best time to track gorillas, Uganda travel advice, best accommodation to book during gorilla trekking and so much more. We extend the chance of discounted gorilla trekking permits to our esteemed clients each year to help them save for other costs. Contact our consultant for any advice about Uganda or Rwanda Safaris

Requirements for booking a gorilla tracking permit
A gorilla permit in Uganda costs $ 600 while in Rwanda $ 700 which you must secure prior to confirming a gorilla tracking safari in either countries.
Discounted gorilla trekking permits are available in Uganda in the months of April, and May . We share this great discount with our customer to help them save for other expenses.

Note that Gorilla permits are sold according to area of gorilla trekking in Uganda so you must secure an area that is convenient for acquiring accommodation.


Our Expertise in organising Mountain Gorilla Trek Safaris, advise on Gorilla Trekking Tour Healthy Tips and regular research on how to make our clients’ trips better has worn us return clients and incredible safari reviews. All our clients’ feedback is very vital and key to our success because we follow up every detail that we get after and while on Safari.We answer Questions About Gorilla Trekking Safaris and other Uganda safari issues.Our guides are professionally trained and refresher courses have kept them updated with the latest trends dealing with clients on holiday and other tours. We check Gorilla Trekking Permit Availability on our clients behalf and give an immediate response.We advise our clients on What Items To Pack For Gorilla Tracking Safari and what is necessary for their trips including free of charge gorilla tracking information like;

What is the best time for booking a gorilla trekking permit?

Gorilla tracking permits are booked all year round but to confirm your gorilla trek safari, you must buy your permit in advance of travel because they are easily sold out. Each gorilla family is expected to be visited by a maximum of 8 clients only for conservation reasons. Securing your permit at least 6 months to the your preferred date saves you the time of hassling to find a gorilla permit especially during the peak seasons June to October and December to February. The demand for these permits is competitive

How to get your gorilla permit

Upon payment for your gorilla trekking permit, we buy the gorilla trekking permit card for you but you must present us your passport details, nationality, Names, date of birth before it is issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. We send you a confirmation after collecting the permit and safely keep it for you up to the time when your gorilla trekking safari starts.


Combining Wildlife and Gorilla trekking safari Packages

Every tourist desires to maximize their stay on vacation by enjoying the unique features of the country. When you book a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, you may combine it with a wildlife safari. Uganda is gifted by national parks that are close to each other to make a circuit like the drive from Bwindi forest to Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Park is between 4 to 5 hours, kibale National Park the chimpanzee sanctuary is 5 to 6 hours away which makes it possible for a combined safari.

A number of excursions prior to your gorilla trekking safari can also be arranged like a Kampala city tour involving a visit to historical Namugongo Uganda Martyr’s shrine, Uganda museum, Kabaka’s manmade lake to mention


We sell a range of Uganda activities apart from Gorillas where our clients have enjoyed their Africa trips like: Game drive in Uganda National Parks, White water rafting, chimpanzee close up, forest walks, Uganda Rwanda Birding, cultural tours, Mountaineering, home stay trips, One Day Uganda Safari Or Excursions,Honeymoon holidays to mention but a few.

Gorilla trekking Tips And Information on how to book a gorilla trekking permits in Uganda Rwanda

Wishing to go gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda on your holiday or vacation, you must know that the key is securing a gorilla permit. In Uganda a gorilla trekking permit is sold at $ 600 and in Rwanda $ 750. You send an inquiry to our agent about your preferred gorilla trekking safari, wildlife, filming crew fixing, fishing and so much more and we get back to you with the most appropriate answer.

How to book a gorilla trekking permit

You must send your names, passport number, country of origin, date of birth and expiry date. We check for gorilla permit availability because gorilla permits are sold at Uganda Wildlife Authority only. We promptly get back to you with the response but the earlier you respond to this response help us take the next step. We highly advise our clients to book there gorilla permits as soon as possible because gorilla permits are highly demanded, sold at first come first serve and only 8 gorilla permits are sold out per day per gorilla family.

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Book a flight for gorilla trekking tour

Having secured your gorilla trekking permit and you wish to travel by flying to Bwindi forest, you must secure a seat on the flight. There are daily morning and afternoon flights to Kihihi Air strip but you must remember that there is a limit to the number of passengers. You must secure a seat for your gorilla trekking flying safari

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Book accommodation for your stay on gorilla trekking Safari

Having booked your gorilla trekking permit, you must secure where to spend your nights. Accommodation is based on high-end, midrange and budget accommodation so you must be ready to state your preferred accommodation. Also since gorilla permits are sold according to area, you must remember to book accommodation according to area. This is to reduce on the chances of waking up so early to drive long distances to the briefing point

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Gorilla trekking safari clothes and gear to pack

Gorilla trekking involves walking in the jungle so you must have packed the right gear. Remember to pack garden gloves, long sleeved shirt, long trousers, poncho or rain coat, tracking boots, energy bites

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3 day gorilla trekking

4 day gorilla trekking and Ngamba safari

6 day gorilla and wildlife tour

5 day gorilla and game safari

Relevant Gorilla Trekking Rules

Gorillas are susceptible to human diseases therefore you are kindly advised to stay behind in case you have any communicable illness like flue, cough, dysentery and so much more. This is a noble cause and if you report to the ranger station prior to the start of the trek, you will be refunded as per the Uganda Wildlife Authority rules.

Avoid eating while littering the ground because these may be dangerous to the wild gorillas since they are like humans.

When in the presence of the gorillas, remember not to touch them because they are still wild animals that may spread any disease to you too. Although they are habituated, they are still wild.

On your way and while in the presence of the gorillas, avoid staring directly into there eyes because they are shy animals and this may cause them to rage. At times, this pushes them into hiding therefore making you miss viewing there routine activities like feeding, cuddling the infants, juveniles playing in the vines READ MORE

How Gorilla trekking Impacts On the Local Community
Each gorilla tracking safari you take supports the local community with in area close to Bwindi forest National Park in Uganda and Volcanoes national Park in Rwanda. 20% of the profit got from selling the gorilla tracking safari is give back to the community by Uganda wildlife Authority.

When you hire a porter to carry your gorilla tracking gears, you also support the local community directly so boosting their income.
After gorilla trekking, support the local community by visiting the Batwa community for a cultural tour, listen to their hilarious traditional folk stories, visit the local medicine man and so much more at an affordable fee to support this noble cause.